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China’s first Hydrogen car sharing project launched in Nan’an District of Chongqing

Chongqing Nan’an District government, Chongqing Panda Automobile Rental Company and Chongqing Geosciences Industry Technology Institute Co., Ltd. signed a three-party strategic cooperation agreement to launch the hydrogen “sharing car” project, which will be the first of its kind in China.

Currently, domestic car shares in China are mainly electrical, no hydrogen cars have been applied in this field before.

Hydrogen energy, for its abundant reserves, clean, safe and environment-friendly features, is crowned as the ultimate energy for automobiles. Using hydrogen resource in car sharing will further reduce emission and improve the environment.

According to the agreement, the first batch of 200 Grove hydrogen passenger cars will be available for renting. The demonstrative operation will verify its business and profit model in the sharing automobile industry, which will provide valuable experience for later large-scale operation in other cities.

10,000 Grove hydrogen passengers cars will be put into 20 first and second tier cities in China between 2020-2021. The promotion and application of FCEVs can effectively reduce traffic congestion in cities and facilitate energy conservation, providing greener transportation to customers. In the future, AI, big data, cloud technology will also be applied to offer better services to the market.

The carbon fibre and aluminium alloy lightweight car body and a hydrogen fuel cell system enable the vehicle to be lighter and more energy efficient. Just a few minutes is enough to complete hydrogen filling and water is the only emission while driving.

“Promoting hydrogen cars in the sharing of new energy automobile will provide ‘worry-free’ product value and service beyond customer’s expectation, enhance green and sharing transportation and realise sustainable development of Panda Rental Company,” said Gaoyu, CEO of Chongqing Panda.

Hao Yiguo, Founder of Grove Hydrogen Automobile said, “Hydrogen is an important energy resource of future automobile industry. The cooperation between Grove and Chongqing Panda, the leading intelligent network sharing transportation enterprise, enables people to experience ’green travel and roam the world ’ and facilitates green development in China.”

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