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Škoda launches an updated version of the Škoda Connect app

Škoda has treated its Škoda Connect app to a comprehensive update. To do so, Škoda performed an in-depth analysis of customer experience data and used those insights to create the new app version.

Škoda Connect for smartphones, as well as the smartwatch version due to follow shortly, will now be even easier to navigate and more user-friendly, significantly reducing response times and adding new personalisation options. The update also includes a new-look design and app access to numerous vehicle data.

The revised Škoda Connect app for Android and iOS phones is available free of charge in the relevant App Stores, with equivalent updates for various smartwatch formats (watchOS, Tizen OS, Wear OS) due to follow shortly. Compared to the predecessor version, they offer Škoda Connect users multiple benefits: based on user experience data, the app has been given a new architecture overview and data structure, making it even easier and more intuitive to use. Its new, modular design also enables the app to respond far more flexibly. Starting from various entry points, the user can navigate significantly more quickly through the app. A new interface design for all digital channels will in future create a consistent look and feel.

The Škoda Connect app now offers its users more wide-ranging personalisation options that go beyond having the app address the user by name. For example, users can from now on change the scroll sequence of information displays like vehicle status, driving data or parking location to better match their preferences. In addition, up to three of these displays can be assigned shortcuts, to enable one-click access from the home page (“garage”). The user interface’s background colours adapt to match the relevant vehicle.

Many Škoda Connect app functions now work more quickly and have become easier to use. The Trip Planner, which reminds the driver to leave on time for a planned journey, given the current traffic situation, the Online Auxiliary Heater and Remote Vehicle Status queries now have a clearer, more user-friendly design. Driving data such as distance covered or fuel consumption are easier to read. The app’s display showing the location of the parked car now benefits from an improved map.

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