Didi Chuxing exhibits various AI breakthroughs at DiDi Tech Day in Beijing

Didi Chuxing shared its latest developments in AI technology applications with students, engineers and academic and industry partners, at the DiDi Tech Day in Beijing.

At the event, DiDi’s tech executives, led by Bob Zhang Bo, Chief Technology Officer, shared details of breakthroughs in the company’s popular Express Pool service. When machine learning algorithms deliver a good user experience, carpooling is the most effective mobility option for drivers to increase their income, for passengers to reduce costs, and for cities to enjoy a high level of efficiency in the transportation system. Operating across more 100 cities in China, Express Pool now accounts for over 20% of all trips in many core markets.

DiDi also debuted two pilot projects slated for street testing, its indoor augmented reality (AR) navigation and a driver voice assistant. The interactive, app-based AR navigation service, which is built on computer vision positioning and 3D scene reconstruction technology, can help passengers seamlessly navigate through large buildings, such as airports, train stations and malls, to reach a vehicle pick-up location.

The driver voice assistant, which is voice activated via an in-vehicle smart device, is designed to provide a full spectrum of services ranging from audio and video content search, information inquiry and temperature adjustment, to passenger communications, customer service, and even refuel, recharging or repair services.

During the event, DiDi also announced the launch of its AI for Social Good project in conjunction with more than 10 founding partners.

DiDi believes that with development of more powerful AI capabilities, tech companies need to work more closely with communities to fully understand AI’s social impacts and to reinforce its social commitments. Together with 10 founding partners, DiDi will seek joint technological and social solutions to environmental, safety, health and accessibility challenges.

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