Transdev and Lohr present i-Cristal: the future electric full autonomous shuttle designed for tomorrow’s shared mobility

At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Transdev, one of the world leaders in mobility solutions, and Lohr, a mobility solution manufacturer, are proud to present a new, leading-edge mobility solution fruit of their partnership initiated last August: “i-Cristal”, the future electric full autonomous shuttle. This new vehicle, for sale before the end of 2018, will be offered to regional authorities and private customers looking for a flexible, clean mobility solution, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

The partnership between Transdev and Lohr has successfully combined both companies’ expertise. i-Cristal manufacturing is based on Lohr’s electric shuttle Cristal, and it benefits from Transdev’s wide-scale experience as an operator of mobility solutions. The result is a new type of transportation, in which the vehicle’s accessibility, interior design and interface with passengers have been fully optimised to provide the shared mobility experience of tomorrow with increased comfort, extended accessibility for everyone (including wheel chairs), everywhere, and free of any constraint.

Together we have integrated Transdev’s autonomous driving intelligence called “Transdev Transportation Technology” developed with Transdev’s eco-system of partners, including best labs and leading industrial companies in the field of autonomous vehicles. This technology will allow i-Cristal to drive smoothly in open-road conditions within normal urban traffic with optimum security.

In addition, i-Cristal is equipped with a fast-charging system, able to recharge 50% of its battery in 30 minutes and 100% in 90 minutes.

This new vehicle features a low-floor, easily accessible to passengers with reduced mobility. Complementary to mass-transit systems (metro, tram and bus systems), i-Cristal meets the specific transportation needs of closed industrial sites, university campuses, business parks and airports. Connected to Transdev’s Universal Routing Engine (URE), it is also adapted to a very large panel of open-road services, from fixed-line services to flexible transport on-demand.

With the i-Cristal shuttle, Transdev completes its offer of full autonomous shared mobility and continues to develop its partnership strategy with various manufacturers, in order to meet the specific needs of each of its customers – thereby consolidating its unique “multimanufacturer” approach.

“Our vision of mobility is PACE: Personalised, Autonomous, Connected and Electric. i-Cristal takes us one step further in the autonomous vehicle revolution, creating new, flexible, clean mobility solutions, accessible to everyone, everywhere,” said Yann Leriche, CEO of Transdev North America and of Transdev Autonomous Transportation Systems.

“Thanks to this partnership with Transdev, the Lohr Group builds on its long-standing experience in the development of new generation transportation solutions. We are now overcoming yet another obstacle, and we will quickly bring to market autonomous electric vehicles that will easily become an integral part of the urban environment,” said Marie-José Navarre, Deputy CEO of the Lohr Group.

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