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Electrify America to open 13 new EV charging stations in Sacramento

Electrify America announced that six ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are currently in operation at various Sacramento locations and seven additional sites will be available for public use later this year.

This marks the next phase of Electrify America’s Green Cities initiative called “Sac-to-Zero”, which aims to increase charging infrastructure and electric vehicle usage in the city. The charging infrastructure will help expand the availability of electric vehicle DC fast charging for customers who drive or are considering purchasing a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV).

Electrify America’s $44 million investment in Sacramento started with the introduction of two new electric car share programmes last year. Envoy launched in November 2018 at designated properties throughout the city, most of which are located in affordable housing communities, and Gig Car Share launched its full free-float car sharing fleet last month.

“Through the Sac-to-Zero initiative, Electrify America is laying the foundation for zero emission transportation options for the people of Sacramento,” said Richard Steinberg, Senior Director Marketing, Communications and Green Cities at Electrify America. “We are opening 13 ultra-fast charging stations in the Sacramento area, establishing EV car sharing services and developing electric bus and mini-shuttle mobility options. We are committed to help create access to zero emission opportunities for the public to rely on for their daily transportation needs.”

In addition to 13 new EV charging sites and new car sharing programs, Electrify America funding is replacing existing internal combustion engine shuttles with three new electric shuttles at a cost of approximately $300,000 each, before a Hybrid and Zero Emissions Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) rebate, and installing the supporting charging infrastructure for the SmaRT Ride on-demand transit service in the Franklin Boulevard area in collaboration with the Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation and SacRT.

Additionally, Electrify America is providing a dozen new electric buses and charging infrastructure to support a route between the cities of Davis and Sacramento. Each electric bus costs approximately $1 million before a HVIP rebate, the service is slated to begin later this year and will be jointly delivered by Yolo County Transit District and SacRT.

“Sac-to-Zero is multi-pronged program of Electrify America that includes electric car share, bus and shuttle services and city-wide charging infrastructure so that Sacramento’s residents have access to and use of zero emissions-related transportation options, particularly in affordable housing communities where access to transportation can be limited and more difficult,” said Steinberg.

Many of Electrify America’s charging stations are located at or near large retailers who are enthusiastic to host the ultra-fast charging stations at their locations as an amenity to their patrons and to increase shop traffic. In Sacramento, charging stations are being installed at a variety of locations including leading retailers.

The Sac-to Zero initiative is a coordinated effort between Electrify America, the City of Sacramento and strategic e-transportation partners that include Envoy, GIG Car Share, Sacramento Regional Transit, Yolo County Transportation District, Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation and UC Davis. Sac-to Zero programs aim to accelerate the use of shared “clean mobility” transportation such as electric vehicles, electric shuttles and other modes of ZEV mobility for Sacramento-area residents and visitors.

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