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Electreon to demonstrate wireless electric road charging technology in Sweden

The Swedish transport administration announced that the Smart road Gotland consortium, led by Electreon AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Electreon Wireless, won a tender to demonstrate electric road technology in Sweden. The road, based on Electreon’s dynamic wireless charging technology, will be the first in the world to charge both an electric truck and bus while traveling.

The consortium will build the 1.6 km long electric road as part of a total route of 4.1 km between the town of Visby and the airport on Gotland Island in Sweden. The electric bus will be used as a public shuttle and the electric truck will be tested by a professional driver to ensure that the system is ready for large-scale projects on highways. The total budget of the project is $12.5 million, $9.8 million to be financed by the Swedish government and the rest as in-kind by members of the consortium.

The project is an important strategic step in the implementation of the electric road roadmap of the Swedish government. The roadmap includes the future implementation of about 2,000 km of electric road on highways for dynamic charging of electric trucks, a project of about $3 billion. The vast global market of long haul trucks is rapidly growing and there is currently no practical solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from these trucks.

“The Swedish Transport Administration, believe that electric roads are an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions from heavy transportation. Demonstrating and evaluating new technical solutions for electric routes is one of our most important steps in our long-term plan for a potential rollout of electricity routes on the heavy road network in Sweden, “said Jan Pettersson, Programme Manager, Trafikverket (The Swedish transport administration).

Oren Ezer, CEO of Electreon, said: “We are excited that we, together with our partners, have been selected to take part in the Swedish government’s ambitious program to examine and implement electric road technology as a solution to electrify heavy trucks on highways. Electreon’s wireless electric road technology makes it possible to electrify truck fleets economically without the need to carry huge batteries, stop for charging and without creating a visual hazard. Heavy trucks are an important initial target market for Electreon in addition to urban public transport.”

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