Continental Group and Didi Chuxing sign a strategic cooperation agreement

The technology company Continental Group and the China’s leading mobile travel platform Didi Chuxing officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement to leverage the advantages of both parties in the field of smart interconnection and travel services, jointly promote the development of smart travel, and strive to enhance people’s travel experience.

Mr. Tang En, President and CEO of Continental China, and Mr. Yang Jun, Vice President of Didi Travel, signed the agreement on behalf of the two companies in Shanghai.

Based on Continental’s advanced products and technologies in the field of connected cars, rich experience in design and engineering research, and Didi’s practical experience in the field of travel, the two companies will carry out projects on intelligent connected cars  and customised new energy vehicles to suit Didi’s operations.

Mr. Tang En, President and CEO of Continental China, said: “Our cooperation with Didi is aimed at further enhancing the travel experience of users around the world. Continental is committed to providing advanced products, technologies and services for smart and sustainable travel in the future. Didi has extensive experience in the operation of intelligent travel platforms. The strategic cooperation between the two companies will jointly promote the deep integration of smart travel technology and leading mobile travel platforms to promote the sustainable development of smart travel in the future.”

Mr. Yang Jun, Vice President of Didi Travel, stressed: “New energy, sharing and intelligence have become the common development direction of cars and travel. The cars used for sharing travel will become a new scene for consumer experience products. Bring into the accumulation of big data and artificial intelligence technology, and promote the advancement of technology together with Continental Group with the concept of sharing and sustainable development, leading the innovation from the hardware and systems of vehicles to the application services.”

In line with the developing trend of automobile and Internet integration, Didi has jointly established 31 “Hongliu Alliance” with the automobile industry chain enterprises to build an open cooperation platform and an overall plan for automobile design, asset operation and after-sales service around shared travel.

Didi has successively worked with automobile manufacturers such as FAW, GAC and BAIC. This time, Didi will join hands with Continental Group to further strengthen the business of shared travel and auto integration, open up upstream and downstream industry chain resources, and develop automobile market layout and capacity cooperation.

At the same time, Continental will provide smart connected car products for the new generation of shared travel vehicles. The product combines in-vehicle intelligent communication solutions to meet end-user expectations quickly and reliably. This is also the first time that Continental Group has provided the interconnected car products to the service companies, which is an important milestones for the Continental Group’s future travel service business.

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