Rinspeed to create a new start-up named ‘Snap Motion’

The success of the Rinspeed “Snap” concept vehicle at the CES 2018, the Geneva Auto Show and many other exhibitions around the world has encouraged the innovative team led by Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder and CEO of Rinspeed AG, to strike out in new directions.

“Urban mobility needs further impulses and models as incremental steps to tackle the pending mobility problems in an ideally sustainable way. Whereby sustainable is to be understood on two levels: eco-friendly and efficient,” says Rinderknecht out of conviction.

To achieve this goal, the startup company “Snap Motion” will be established in the near future. The displayed concept vehicle “Snap” is not to remain a one-off, but is to be developed to production readiness in future. Initially the term “production” is defined as a small fleet, which is to serve as a proof of concept and is slated be used worldwide.

In parallel to the mechanical-electronic development of the vehicle, the “ecosystem” is to be developed and programmed, which will later control the entire systematic of need, availability, upkeep and settlement.

“Snap Motion” will rest on two main pillars. The location in Silicon Valley south of San Francisco will handle the software aspects, the location in Central Europe will deal with the entire hardware. As a result, the company will combine the best from America and Europe.

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