Transatel to provide a secure connectivity solution in EU region for FCA’s Mopar Connect

Transatel will provide FCA with machine-to-machine connectivity for the provisioning of mobile network services and an IoT solution in the European Union region (EU 29) for its on-board telematics units as a result of a competitive tender.

FCA has recently launched under the “Mopar connect” brand, a new on-board telematics unit that will provide to FCA’ Customers complementary apps and services such as, by way of example: fleet management, remote control, predictive maintenance, crash assistance and stolen vehicle tracking services. The Mopar Connect services, connected via Transatel’s machine-to-machine IoT solution, target both the Business-to-Business (B2B) market (such as car rental firms) and the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) market.

Transatel provides Mopar with its Mobile Network Operator profile based on its SIM 901 technology. The profile is onboarded onto FCA’s eSIM cards (eUICC compliant), to guarantee connectivity services with a private APN and secure authentication, as well as to provide a complete connectivity management platform.

Technical integration and initial implementation required less than four months, thanks to an effective collaboration amongst various project members like FCA’s hardware providers (ie. Telematics unit and eSIM card) and the Telematics Services Provider.

Transatel’s IoT solution for the Automotive market presents built-in, end-to-end security mechanisms compliant with connected car and remote-control services standards. The solution will be deployed in the European Union (EU 29) and will be operational outside the European Union (EU 29) too, thanks to Transatel’s global network agreements with more than 130 Mobile Network Operators worldwide to date.

Philippe Vigneau, VP Business development at Transatel, said: “We enjoyed working from a blank page to design the ideal solution for FCA. FCA has fully understood our value proposition in providing a global, flexible, and agile connectivity solution. We hope that this is the beginning for the development of a greater partnership with FCA Group. We are grateful for the opportunity to prove that we are one of the very few telecom companies today truly able to take on global connected car projects, thanks to the mobile operator-agnostic nature of our solution. Our clients integrate once to deploy globally.”

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