NQ Mobile partners with Linkmotion and Chery to develop connected car platform

NQ Mobile, a leading global provider of mobile internet services, announced that its subsidiary, Linkmotion Holdings has signed a new partnership with Chery Automotive.

Chery’s Prospective Technology Research Institute and Linkmotion will together develop a technology platform for the future connected automobiles, including fully autonomous vehicles. Utilising its existing and commercially-available solutions, Linkmotion will be responsible to develop the operating system for this technology platform.  As the operating system vendor, Linkmotion will draw on its experience and expertise in developing this operating system’s security architecture, online diagnostics, as well as running on Linux.

“We are excited to be working together with Chery to develop this technology platform for the future of new lines of connected and autonomous cars,” said Chen Bo President of Linkmotion. “As one of the largest auto manufacturers in China and as the largest exporter of China-made vehicles globally, Chery is a fantastic partner.”

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