Wunder Mobility announced that it is expanding its operations into the United States. Since launching in 2014, the company has become the go-to technology service provider to major OEMs and mobility startups across the world, including Daimler, Toyota, Yamaha and BMW.


The company believes that the US market presents an exciting opportunity to expand even more internationally and that its unique product offerings are ideal for the American market. In the US, a common assumption most people have is that Uber and Lyft own most of the transportation options in the market. In reality, those ride-hailing companies only cover 1% of the US market. The remaining 99% includes all kinds of transportation methods and services, which have proven sustainable business models but have largely existed offline.


These mobility solutions are largely fragmented and many are trying to solve their problems in-house, without expertise or deep knowledge. That’s where Wunder Mobility comes in – they provide a full suite of mobility services that meet a wide variety of needs, making it a one-stop solution for a wide variety of companies in the US. Whether it’s a car dealer in Kentucky, a global automotive manufacturer in the Rust Belt, or a mobility startup in San Francisco, the company claims that it can help with a flexible, multi-modal technology solution to build, innovate and scale new mobility services to meet the demands of consumers.


Wunder Mobility’s expansion into the US includes a new American HQ in Los Angeles, new US customers, and the closing of our Series B round at $60 million in financing from its investors Blumberg Capital and KCK. In addition to an automotive company, two US-based startup customers that the company is excited about are Caramel, a car-sharing startup, and Kuhmute, a charging station company from Flint, Michigan.

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